18 Indoor Plants That Are Safe For Cats and Dogs

Cat playing with plant
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Parlor Palm livens up living room
African Violet
Peperomia String of Turtles.
Orchid with pink flowers
Calathea plant
Spider Plant with dark green edges
Dwarf Banana Plant.
Ponytail Palm.
Pilea Chinese Money Plant.
Cast Iron Plant.
Air Plant terrarium
Polka Dot Plant.
Boston Fern.
Bird’s Nest Fern.
Haworthia Zebra Plant.
Sempervivum Hens and Chicks succulent.

If you’re anything like me, you love nothing more than filling your home with lush greenery and snuggly pets. But sometimes the two don’t mix well. Many indoor plants are toxic to cats and dogs. Some can cause mild skin irritation, while others can be very dangerous if ingested by your beloved fur baby.

But don’t let the risks scare you away from being a plant parent! There are plenty of non-toxic houseplants that are safe for pets, and with some careful planning and supervision, pets and plants can happily coexist in your home. Here are 18 of our favorites:

These 18 houseplants are the perfect additions to your pet-friendly household. You can search the ASPCA’s list of toxic and non-toxic houseplants for more inspiration and up-to-date information.

With the right precautions, pets and plants can live in harmony in your home. So go ahead, fill your home with greenery and enjoy the companionship of your pets, knowing that you have made safe and loving choices for both.

Happy plant shopping!